Germany vs Montenegro Predictions, Latest top betting tips, Basketball Live score Sept.10

Germany vs Montenegro Predictions, Latest top betting tips, Basketball Live score Sept.10

Germany vs Montenegro will play in the EuroBasket 2022 Round of 16 at Arena Berlin on September 10 at 6:30 PM (International time) and September 10 at 9:30 PM (Indian time).

On September 10, Germany and Montenegro will play in the EuroBasket 2022 Final Round in Arena Berlin. With a perfect record of two victories going into the competition, Serbia was the favourite to win Group D. Despite missing the last period, Nikolajokic contributed significantly to Thursday’s 96-69 victory over Poland in the group stage. Serbia finished group play with a 5-0 record, while Poland dropped to a 3-2 record. Finland, which defeated Poland in a tiebreaker, finished second in the group, dropping Igor Milii and his team to third place overall. Serbia quickly established a double-digit lead with a couple quick runs, and he extended it to 52:33 at the half.

Serbia dominated the boxing score, but the pain points they edged Poland to his 48-22 score may have been the finest reflection of their performance. Serbia was flawless in Prague and improved with each game. After missing his previous two games, Vanja Marinkovic returned, and Nikola Milutinov made his FIBA EuroBasket 2022 debut by scoring 16 points on 5/7 shooting from the field.

In the round of 16, Serbia will play Italy, and Poland will play Ukraine in Berlin. After checking off several positive boxes during the group stage in the Czech Republic, both teams will determine their chances of making it to the quarterfinals.

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Germany vs Montenegro predictions, Basketball, 10 September 2022

Prediction for the 09/10/2022 matchup between Germany and Montenegro, which will be part of the Eurobasket 2022 championship. Let’s assess how each team performed during the competition and choose the best odds for this matchup.

Germany vs Montenegro predictions, Basketball, 10 September 2022

Germany has made good preparations for the competition at home. She delivered a strong performance at the group stage despite the less than ideal composition. Its obstinacy, which makes the outcome of the upcoming game unpredictable, thrilled Montenegro as well.

Where Can I Watch And When?

Germany vs. Montenegro will play in the EuroBasket 2022 Round of 16 at Arena Berlin on September 10 at 6:30 PM (International time) and September 10 at 9:30 PM (Indian time). The game will be live streamed for viewers on Courtside 1891.

  • Spain – courtside 1891 – September 10 (6:30 PM)
  • Turkey – Courtside 1891- September 10 (7:30 PM)
  • India – Courtside 1891 – September 10 (9:30 PM)
  • Germany -Magenta Sport – September 10 (6:30 PM)

Head to head stats and past match records

The Germany vs. Montenegro forecast will be improved by head-to-head matches. Therefore, Germany has failed to win a single game in a row. The teams last faced off during the 2020–21 season at the Eurobasket qualifying round. Then, Montenegro outperformed its opponents at home and abroad (80:74, 82:75).

About Germany

Both tactically and physically, Germany is ready. She focuses on defence, for instance, when against powerful teams. A victory over France with a score of 63:76 serves as an illustration. And Slovenia was defeated 80:88. Notably, this was the team’s lone loss, which lowered it to second place in the group. Germans, though, may also play well. The fact that they defeated Hungary with 106 points in the previous round should be taken into account when picking Germany to win the next matchup.

About Montenegro

In the group stage, Montenegro lost twice to stronger national teams. At the same time, she ultimately fell short against Turkey. Spain was the only team that lacked effort the entire game. At the same time, the team’s fifth-round victory over group stage host Georgia determined whether they would advance to the playoffs. This allowed for a third-place result, which should be considered when making a prediction for Montenegro in the next meeting.

Germany vs Montenegro Top odds

Based on the outcomes of each team’s last 10 matches, this block gives the viewer the chance to see and compare the statistics of the Germany and Montenegro teams in depth. The user can familiarise themselves with certain statistics like Wins, Losses, Average Total, etc.

Germany vs Montenegro Top odds
Best oddsW1W2> 156.5< 156.5
MEGA PARI1.146.151.871.93

championship standings

The latest recent information on the championship standings may be found in this area. Users can see basic indications and the competitors’ present locations in the competition.


Germany vs Montenegro Prediction

This is our Prediction for the match between Germany and Montenegro following an extensive examination of the stats, recent form, and H2H using BetClan’s algorithm and tipsters’ recommendations:
With an 89% chance, Germany will be the game’s victor.

Now that we have considered everything above, it is time to make a prediction for the match between Germany and Montenegro. The favoured nation for the forthcoming encounter is Germany. In the playoffs, there will be a focus on her defence because of how brilliantly she plays it. However, Montenegro also didn’t miss anything throughout the group stage. Consequently, the future gathering will be conducted in a grassroots manner.

  • Match to bet on: Germany versus Montenegro
  • the total under (158.5)
  • Odds: 1.86*

Germany vs Montenegro Probable Lineup

  • Germany: Dennis Schroeder, Christian Sengfelder, Kostja Mushidi, Johannes Voigtmann
  • Aleksa Ili, Vladimir Mihailovi, Nikola Pavlievi, Vasilije Baovi, Nemanja Radovi, and Justin Cobbs are from Montenegro.

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