Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin Party Video: Who leaked the Marin Sanna party video? Explained

After a video of Finland’s gorgeous prime minister Sanna Marin partying wild with famous pals surfaced, she denied using drugs and asserted that she had nothing to hide.

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin enjoying a party with friends

Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland, had to defend her personal life after a video of her attending a party with friends surfaced.

In the video, Marin can be seen singing and dancing along to Finnish pop music while hugging her friends in a number of shots that appear to be at a private property.

Alma, a Finnish chart-topper, a member of parliament, a couple of radio programme hosts, and a celebrity stylist are among the other partygoers.

The video, which seems to take place in a private residence, shows the 36-year-old world leader in good spirits as the group cavorts and dances for a cell phone camera.

Using Twitter, Marin’s coalition partner from Finland, Mikko Kärnä, urged her to submit to a voluntary drug test.

Marin Sanna statement about that leaked party video

Marin told reporters on Thursday morning in Kuopio, a city on the eastern border close to Russia, where her MPs are gathering for their annual summer conference, “I have danced, sung, celebrated, and done legal things.”

“I have nothing to conceal or hide”

Marin Sanna

“I have a family life, a job life, and also my spare time, and I spend time with my friends,” said Marin, adding that although they weren’t present at the party, her official security detail was stationed nearby at the time.

Who leaked the Marin Sanna party video?

Although a shared video clip from at least one of the attendees is included in the montage, it is unclear who released the footage of Marin, which appears to have been posted as an Instagram story and comprises snippets recorded at various points during the evening.

Although Marin claimed to have “nothing to hide or conceal,” she expressed regret that the video had been made public.

I had faith that the recordings would not be made public because they were filmed at a private gathering and are private.

Sanna Marin prepared to take a drug test

The video has been used by Marin’s political adversaries in Finland to call for the prime minister to undergo a drug test and make the results public.

This comes after some media sites said the video clip used the Finnish slang term “jauhojengi,” which means “powder gang” and is ostensibly a reference to cocaine.

Both the leader of the extreme right-wing Finns Party and a member of Marin’s own coalition called for a drug test on Marin.

However, it’s possible that they misheard or misunderstood the words and mistook “jauhojengi” with “jallu jenny,” which is a reference to a well-known brandy known as Jaloviina in Finland.

There is no question about the Social Democrats’ “complete confidence” in the prime minister, said to Antti Lindtman, chair of their parliamentary group in Marin.

I don’t see a major issue if you dance with pals at a private gathering, according to Lindtman.

In December 2021, Marin expressed regret for going to a pub in Helsinki after meeting a different government official who later tested positive for the coronavirus.

Political rivals criticised her, but it was finally determined that she had not breached any laws.

Sanna Marin statement regarding drug test

Marin made her remarks after opposition Finns Party head Riikka Purra urged her to voluntarily submit to a drug test during an interview with Helsingin Sanomat (siirryt toiseen palveluun) (in Finnish). Mikko Kärnä, a member of parliament with Marin’s coalition allies the Centre Party, issued a comparable request on Twitter(siirryt toiseen palveluun).

When asked why she should submit to a drug test, Marin replied she did not understand it when speaking to reporters at the Kuopio airport as she was travelling to her party’s summer conference.

She stated, “I have not seen any proof that anything has been used anyplace.”

Videos of the prime minister having a good time with different public officials and celebrities from Finland have gone viral on social media. Marin and other partygoers can be seen dancing and singing together in the footage, which were put together from several clips.

According to several media sites, one of the clips contains the phrase “jauhojengi” (also known as “powder gang,” which is a reference to cocaine use). The phrase used, however, is more likely to be “jallujengi” or “jallu jenny,” which are evident references to the Finnish liqueur Jaloviina. This was brought up by social media users.

How the Finland’s Prime Minister Marin Sanna Party Video?

The recordings, which were just shot in a private apartment, are private, claims Marin. She acknowledged being filmed, but she believed the footage would be kept private, she told the journalists on Thursday morning.

“The fact that these videos have been made public upsets me. I was talking about going out with some friends. dancing, singing, and even being rowdy when partying “Marin elucidated.

Marin told the media that the evening had extended from the private residence to two additional pubs in Helsinki, but she refrained from commenting on who might have released the videos.

She had only a small amount of alcohol, according to the prime minister, but no drugs.

“I did not do drugs, and I did not drink anything besides beer. I did everything that was legal: I sang, danced, and partied. And I’ve never been in a circumstance where I may have witnessed or known of someone else doing drugs “explained Marin.

She emphasised that although Marin has previously stated her desire to undermine the institution of the Prime Minister, this is not what the parties are about.

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin Party Video: Who leaked the Marin Sanna party video? Explained
Finland’s Prime Minister Marin Sanna Party Video: Who leaked the Marin Sanna party video? Explained

“I want to demonstrate that these positions are held by regular individuals who lead regular lives. I lead a busy life that includes my family, my job, and my free time with friends. similar to many individuals my age, “Marin elucidated.

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The media has previously reported on Marin’s parties. The Prime Minister went out for the evening in a Helsinki club in December of last year, leaving her official work phone at home. She did not learn that she had been exposed to Covid as a result, and she proceeded to have a good time.

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