False shooting report at Harry Reid International Airport: What happened exactly at morning in Las Vegas Airport?

Around 4:30 on Sunday morning, a widespread panic concerning a gunman broke out at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. No shooter was present; all that was heard in Terminal 1 was a loud noise that the police claimed was made by an arrested “unruly person.”

Numerous passengers fled for their life through exits and TSA checkpoints, resulting in the closure and clearing of the terminal. There were no reported injuries.

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False shooting report at Las vegas Airport

According to officials, false reports of a shooting at Harry Reid International Airport early on Sunday morning created panic and delayed planes.

According to a tweet from the airport’s Twitter account at around 6:20 a.m., flights were delayed because passengers leaving Las Vegas needed to be re-screened.

Reports of a shooting this morning at Harry Reid International Airport are unfounded


At six in the morning, the airport’s Twitter account wrote, “FALSE ALARM.” “At the airport, there is no threat. This morning, a loud bang at Harry Reid International Airport resulted in panic and a security incident. We appreciate the patience of those who are travelling today until things go back to normal.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tweeted that an unruly subject is thought to be responsible for the noise. He or she is now being held in detention.

The person behind these choas in Harry Reid International Airport now in custody

Videos provided by users showed panicked passengers fleeing from the gates in tense scenes. According to other reports, hundreds of people dropped their bags and ran through TSA checkpoints, where security did not stop them, and approached the gates.

As all passengers were escorted out of the terminal and re-screened at security checkpoints, the airport tweeted to “anticipate delays.”

We appreciate the patience of those traveling today as operations are in the process of returning to normal

 the airport’s Twitter account

At 6:20 a.m., Twitter user Jesa Belle stated, “The active shooter situation at Las Vegas airport this morning has been horrific and terrifying.” Everyone has been told to leave the airport and check in again.

Social media posts amplified these false shooting rumors

Numerous social media posts that appeared to support the bogus report added to the panic caused by the first loud noise.

At 4:50 in the morning, user Joe Hall tweeted, “I’m at the Las Vegas Airport. All flights were halted. TSA has an active shooter.

There is reportedly a shooter at the b gate at the Las Vegas airport, tweeted user outkastz at 5:15 a.m. I’m secure. No idea what’s happening. All of us hurried through TSA.

Statement from Airport

Flights will be held as multiple concourses are cleared and all passengers will need to be screened/re-screened at security checkpoints before boarding aircraft.

airport in a Sunday morning 

There is no threat at the airport, according to airport officials, who also appreciate the passengers for their patience. People waiting in line to check in with security claim the airport is crowded at 7:00 a.m.

At around 7:46 a.m., representatives from the Las Vegas airport issued this statement.

Early this morning, a loud boom at Terminal 1 of Harry Reid International Airport alarmed passengers, and some of them hurried past security checkpoints, resulting in a security issue. As a result, travellers from various concourses had to go back to checkpoints for a second screening before boarding an aeroplane.

The business is back to normal. We appreciate the rapid reaction and help from the TSA and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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False shooting report at Harry Reid International Airport:  What happened exactly at morning in Las Vegas Airport?
False shooting report at Harry Reid International Airport: What happened exactly at morning in Las Vegas Airport?

Airport shooting panics are a regrettable part of contemporary life. A vaping gadget that overheated and exploded while being charged at a terminal in April 2022 at Harry Reid caused a similar fear to break out. Also in April, a suspected item that turned out to be a Playstation gaming console caused scores to flee Boston Logan Airport in a panic.

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