DJ Sumbody killed: What happened to Oupa John Sefoka? Shooting at Woodmead & How did he die? Explained

DJ Sumbody killed: What happened to Oupa John Sefoka? Shooting at Woodmead & How did he die? Explained

DJ Sumbody, a well-known disc jockey from South Africa, reportedly died from gunshot wounds early this morning. In this article we have shared what happened to DJ Sumbody? and what was his cause of death Explained.

What happened to DJ Sumbody?

Since Saturday night, the Pretoria-based DJ has been trending on social media. Users claim that an image of a Volkswagen Golf 7 gtI that has been shot up is one that belongs to DJ Sumbody.

How did DJ Sumbody die?

Unfortunately, the information of Dj Sumnody being shot in the automobile is accurate, despite the desire of certain people for it to be untrue.

On November 19, 2022, he was fatally shot; that evening, he and his two bodyguards went somewhere.

When they learned that he had been shot at night, they began their inquiry in the morning.

The interesting element is that his two bodyguards were in the car with him when he was shot.

The news has a lot of people worried; when Sumbody’s death was announced yesterday, Twitter was trending.

How is it possible for someone to be shot dead inside their automobile, along with either one or both of their bodyguards?

Since the investigation has just begun, we do not yet have concrete information about his death. Hopefully soon, we will learn the truth regarding his passing.

His family has been approached by news organisations to discuss the matter, but they have not yet made themselves public.

Everyone is still in astonishment by the news, and some people have said that it is false information.

His fans are attempting to comprehend the information after seeing it for the first time on Twitter.

Nevertheless, a few of them have sent their condolences to his friends and family. Hopefully, the cause of the shooting and the perpetrator will be revealed soon.

DJ Sumbody Shot To Death In Car: Motive and suspect

The artist Dj Sumbody is no longer among us; he was shot and killed last night as he and two of his bodyguards were making their way to his flat.

Since there was no time to get him to the hospital when the tragedy occurred, he was discovered dead on the spot.

The bodyguards of Sumbody immediately called his family and the police because it was a murder case. It has not yet been revealed why he was fatally shot.

People have been curious to know if he was working with someone illegally, but since the truth hasn’t come out, we can’t confirm the rumors.

Just the day before he was shot, Sumbody appears to be doing fine; he did not anticipate it to happen.

Bodyguards said it was shocking for them to see him only being shot inside the car and that they couldn’t even see anyone nearby when he was shot.

Dj Sumbody has left the group. He was probably shot by some of his enemies; hopefully, he will be taken into custody soon.

Who was DJ Sumbody?

DJ Sumbody, whose true name is Oupa John Sefoka and who was born on June 9th, is a well-known disc jockey and musician from South Africa. After releasing popular songs like Ayepyep and Monate Mpolaye, he gained attention.

By releasing additional songs that his followers and other music enthusiasts enjoy, the deejay has further sustained the affection. He is the mind behind the popular South African song Suk’emabhozeni, which caused a stir.

He gained attention all around the world when he dropped his Monate Mpolaye. After the album, he acquired notoriety and fans; it currently has 4.9 million views.

Early life and education

DJ Sumbody was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on June 9, 1980. He has established himself in the music industry and is one of the most sought-after disc jockeys in the nation.

He was able to earn more money through his firm, nevertheless. He learned business savvy from his parents, and he is currently succeeding as an entrepreneur.

DJ Sumbody started his academic career by attending Sunnyside Primary School. Bokgoni Technical High School was where he continued his study.

After graduating, he enrolled at the Tshwane University of Technology to pursue a degree.

His passion for music outweighed his interest in studies. He gave up his academic career in year two to devote himself entirely to the music business.

Even though he left school, the deejay is succeeding in the entertainment industry.

Song records on youtube

He could trace the beginning of his profession back to his time working as a volunteer producer and presenter. He was the creator of the Tshwane-aired programme Mashaedi on the Engage.

The renowned Deejay released the song Monate Mpolaye in 2018. The song that completely rocked the South African music scene was accompanied with fame and numerous accolades.

At the national level, he rose to fame and became well-known. The song was also doing well on streaming services; it reached over 3.1 million views on YouTube.

The deejay has also released a number of albums that have received favourable reviews and added to his musical success. His albums include Ashi Nthwela and Larger Than House (Vol. 1 & 2).

He has collaborated with and performed alongside several other well-known musicians, including as DJ Tira, Busiswa, Londie London, and Holly Rey. Along with Busiswa, Cassper Nyovest, Kwesta, Zakes Bantwini, and Leehleza, he has also worked with them.

He has other sources of income besides music; he owns the Ayepyep Lifestyle company. He and Kagiso Setsetse are partners in the company.

DJ Sumbody’s songs and albums

DJ Sumbody has released numerous music tracks to his credit and is well-known both locally and internationally. He has collaborated with many well-known musicians, including Busiswa, Thebe Mogane, and Cassper Nyovest. A few of his songs are;

  • Suk’emabhozeni
  • Mabebeza
  • Iyamemeza
  • Ayepyep
  • Piki Piki
  • 012 Piano
  • Lerato
  • Tonight
  • Gomonate Mo
  • iDanger Lento
  • Ashi Nthwela


DJ Sumbody is living a luxurious life as a famous person who has more than just a stream through which money comes in.

According to some websites, he is worth between $500,000 and $1,000,000. His company and career in music are his main sources of revenue.

Tribute to DJ Sumbody

Kwena Molekwa said,

what would Ayepepe be without DJ Sumbody

Mr Quarantine said,

We always tell you that this country is movie. Crime in this country is not normal, RIP Dj Sumbody

Mogotladi said,

Again I say, BLACK MEN are busy finishing each other!!! RIP DJ SUMBODY

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DJ Sumbody collaborated with
on Monate Mpolaye hit, but he never said bullets mpolaye.
Rest in Peace DJ



Tšhegofatšo said,

If they were not best friends or friends, Ricky’s family wouldn’t ask Cass to speak at the memorial service. How did I make it about Cass when I’m just acknowledging what he’s going through? I also mentioned DJ Sumbody‘s family mos… Besides I knew Dj Sumbody because of Cass

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