Deji vs Fousey Betting and Odds analysis: Complete Predictions & Timings.

Deji Olatunji will compete for the fourth time this weekend as part of the undercard for his brother KSI’s fight. Let’s look more closely at the Deji vs. Fousey betting and odds analysis.

The former YouTuber-turned-boxer has lost his last three matches against white-collar opponents Jake Paul, Vinnie Hacker, and Alex Wassabi.

Deji improved his cardio and made defensive improvements in his most recent loss, but he still came up short by a split decision.

The 25-year-old will be anxious to break his lengthy wait to raise his hand when he competes against YouTube prankster Fousey.

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Deji vs Fousey

The event is slated to take place at London’s 02 Arena on Saturday, August 27.

Around 8:30 p.m., the ring walk for Deji vs. Fousey, also known as Yousef Saleh Erakat, will begin as part of the KSI event.

Deji vs Fousey Fight card

On the same night, KSI, the brother of Deji, will move twice because he begins and ends the action.
Prior to taking on Luis Alcaraz Pineda, he will first face off against Swarmz.

  • MAIN EVENT: KSI vs Luis Alcaraz Pineda – (6) Cruiserweight
  • FaZe Temperrr vs Slim Albaher – (4) Light-heavyweight
  • Deji Olatunji vs Fousey – (4) Light-heavyweight
  • King Kenny vs FaZe Sensei – (4) Cruiserweight
  • Deen the Great vs Evil Hero – (4) Welterweight
  • Salt Papi vs Andy Warski – (4) Cruiserweight
  • Sam Hyde vs IAmThmpsn – (4) Cruiserweight
  • KSI vs Swarmz – (6) Cruiserweight

Deji vs Fousey fight live stream and TV channel

On DAZN PPV, the event will be streamed live.

  • The cost of a DAZN subscription is £7.99, and the cost of the fight PPV is £11.99
  • With his significant return to the ring against Swarmz and Pineda, KSI grabbed attention.
  • At 7:10 p.m., KSI competes against Swarmz to kick off the programme. Later that evening, KSI will face Pineda.

Fousey body health in Deji vs. Fousey fight

YouTube fighter Fousey had a miraculous eight-month makeover before making a comeback to the ring, showcasing his freshly ripped physique.

FouseyTube, real name Yousef Arakat, lost to fellow content creator Slim in the fourth round when his corner decided to end the fight. This was his first fight. After taking a lengthy social media hiatus, Arakat has since resumed training and conditioning and declared a return to boxing.

After complaining about his larger frame in a video, the 32-year-old afterwards posed in front of a mirror while flaunting a lean and toned eight-pack.

Initially saying, “One day, I’ll be holding this and I’ll have an eight-pack again,” Fousey made this statement.

He can be seen tensing his newly toned body later in the movie as he waits for a chance to make amends.

Arakat has continued to upload videos to his YouTube channel while he has been losing weight. Because of his 250,000 members, he became well-known. His acting and prank films on the platform were well-liked by viewers, which gave him the opportunity to compete against Slim in the YouTube charity competition.

Deji vs Fousey Betting

Fousey versus Deji You can place live bets on the website.

Deji statement on Deji vs. Fousey fight

I’m currently 0-3,” said Deji. “Yes, I dodged every punch, but I didn’t fling. Only roughly seven blows were delivered to me. I’ll continue to box, and I’ll prevail. That being said, I won’t stop boxing; I’ll keep doing it.

“I want to be a positive role model for others. I know I lost, but I’m going to make it up to you. I’m going to show you that even if you suffer a lot of losses, you can always rise again and triumph.

Fair prediction for Deji Vs Fousey

For the sake of memes, I truly want Deji to lose, but I actually believe Deji has a chance of winning. Fousey has recently began training, and just because he looks fantastic doesn’t mean he has the necessary boxing knowledge.

I don’t think Deji will be knocked out in this bout, so I’m going to predict a split or unanimous decision victory.

Stevo posted on Deji vs. Fousey fight

Unbiased opinion: nobody is sure. The most significant defeat in YT boxing history vs the largest loser is the reasonable prediction.

You can always recover, but just one person has demonstrated that they are unable to do so. Simply enough, I think Fousey’s inexperience will cost him the battle. But given that Deji is involved, who knows?

Amar posted on Deji vs. Fousey fight

Since Fousey has undergone the weight loss process numerous times and Deji is notorious for not putting in the work, I view this as a victory for Fousey.

Although everyone claims Deji has had three years of “training,” he still fell short against Vinnie and Alex.

Bbatund  posted on Deji vs. Fousey fight

I am opposed. The major reason I believe Fousey will triumph is his crazed work ethic. Deji doesn’t seem to be working as hard as Fousey. Deji enjoys relaxing in London, attending operas, and getting haircuts. Only a few images of Deji in the gym have been released.

Deji vs Fousey betting and odds analysis: Complete Predictions & Timings.
Deji vs Fousey betting and odds analysis: Complete Predictions & Timings.

On fight day, I believe Fousey will emerge as the aggressor. If Deji still hasn’t overcome his fear of being hit, it might go very wrong for him if he is struck by one of Fousey’s powershots. Personally, I believe Fousey will prevail through fourth-round technical knockout, while Deji still has a chance to win if he shows some heart.

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