Darya Dugina killed in car explosion: Suspect, Motive & What happened to Alexander Dugin daughter? Explained

According to numerous media sources, Darya Dugina the daughter of an ultranationalist Russian ideologue who is thought to have had a significant impact on Vladimir Putin was killed in a vehicle explosion outside of Moscow.

‘Putin’s brain’ Alexander Dugin daughter killed in car explosion

Around 9.30 p.m. local time, a huge explosion roughly 20 kilometres west of the city tore apart the Toyota Land Cruiser that she was driving, killing the daughter of Russian political pundit Alexander Dugin, also known as “Putin’s brain.”

According to state-owned Novaya Gazeta and the Russian media outlets Baza and 112, the explosion took place close to the settlement of Bolshiye Vyazemy. It is believed that the attack may have been planned to harm her father, the renowned Russian intellectual and “Putin’s brain,” Alexander Dugin.

The two were scheduled to return from an event on Saturday night in the same car, according to Russian media outlet 112, but Mr. Dugin decided last-minute to travel separately from his daughter.

Lundstrem added that the unfortunate father had been seeing the entire incident from directly behind his daughter’s car. However, Denis Pushilin, the head of the Russian proxy, said on Telegram that Alexander was the target of the attack, “but sadly his daughter was killed.”

Andrey Krasnov, the leader of the Russian social movement further exclaimed, “Yes, it was a pretty bad thing; I was associated with Darya.

Alexander Dugin owns the destroyed automobile. The father’s car was this one. Darya usually drove a different vehicle, but today she borrowed his vehicle from Alexander and took a different route. He was at the scene of the tragedy when he came back. According to what I hear, Alexander or perhaps both of them were the target “, 

Who was Darya Dugina?

Dugin is regarded as the inspiration behind Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Ukraine. Dugin is a Russian public intellectual, analyst, and strategist who is well-known for holding ideas that are commonly characterised as fascist.

Darya, his daughter, was seen as being more vocal in support of the conflict with Ukraine. Earlier in April, when Ukraine produced proof pertaining to the horrible killings of citizens in Bucha and Irpin, Durgina disputed that the US was responsible for the attack in an interview with a Russian television channel. The Biden administration then sanctioned her, highlighting her involvement towards shaping the Russian operation against Kyiv.

Why is Alexandre’s daughter killed in car explosion?

Darya Dugina had been vocal in her endorsement of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. In an interview, Dugina stated that the massacre of citizens had been orchestrated, oddly asserting that the United States had picked the city because its name sounds like a “butcher” in English.

According to reports, investigators suspect that the explosion may have been a targeted attack intended for Alexander Dugin, a philosopher generally regarded as the principal architect of Vladimir Putin’s concept of a “Russian World” and the inspiration behind his war against Ukraine.

Alexander Dugin might have been the target of the explosion

According to Russian violinist Pyotr Lundstrem, who was cited by the publication, Alexander Dugin was originally supposed to be in the car his daughter was driving but ended up getting into another one at the last minute. Dugin appeared to be inconsolable in the photos supplied by Baza, cradling his head in both of his hands as he stood in front of the burning debris.

Darya Dugina killed in car explosion: Suspect, Motive & What happened to Alexander Dugin daughter? Explained
Darya Dugina killed in car explosion: Suspect, Motive & What happened to Alexander Dugin daughter? Explained

The explosion happened late on Saturday night in Bolshie Vyazemy, a town outside of Moscow. According to accounts, the couple had been invited as special guests to the Tradition family celebration at the Zakharovo estate and had intended to leave together.

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This hypothesis that Aleksandr might have been the target of the explosion that he “unknowingly” escaped is strengthened by the fact that he abruptly changed his mode of transportation, has mostly been an area of concern for many media houses.

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