Car drove through a crowd in Pennsylvania: 1 killed and 17 injured | Suspect, Motive & What happened? Explained

A automobile rammed into a gathering of people gathered to remember the victims of a terrible fire, causing at least one person to pass away and 17 others to sustain injuries.

Police said that the perpetrator struck many individuals in Berwick, Pennsylvania, before driving away and fatally beating a lady.

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Cae crashes into crowd in Pennsylvania

At a ceremony remembering recent fire victims, a suspect drove through a crowd of people and was subsequently caught by police after allegedly assaulting a woman.

Following reports that several people were struck, a significant police presence was seen at the Intoxicology Department pub in Berwick, Pennsylvania, according to WOLF-TV.

When the car drove through at around 6.30 p.m., there was a throng present for a benefit to memorialise the ten individuals who perished in the Nescopeck fire.

A total of 17 injuries, many of which were treated at Danville’s Geisinger Medical Center, resulted in the death of one individual.

Late on Saturday, according to Joseph H. Stender III, a spokesman for Geisinger Medical Center, three victims remained in a severe condition.

The homicide occurrence in Berwick, Columbia County, is being looked into by the Troop N Major Case Team and the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office.


Police hurried to Nescopeck Borough shortly after hearing reports of a lady being assaulted.

Suspect behind this incident of driving a car into a crowd of people

After the collision, many of the injured were sent to nearby hospitals. In a statement to CNN, spokesperson Natalie Buyny said that the Geisinger Medical Center reported treating 15 patients from the Berwick incident, at least four of whom were in critical condition.

On Saturday, August 13, 2022, at around 6:15 p.m., Berwick Borough, Columbia County, police requested assistance from Pennsylvania State Police Bloomsburg over a car that had driven through a crowd at a public event on West 2nd Street.

According to police, the woman was already dead when they arrived at the site in Luzerne County.

Police made an arrest and took a man into custody while conducting an investigation; the man has not yet been given a name.

Geisinger is now caring for 13 patients from a Berwick incident as of 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Natalie Buyny, of Geisinger Medical Centre

Staff is evaluating and prioritising patients for the best care.

Motive behind this car crash incident at Pennsylvania

The deceased have not been formally named by the authorities.

Authorities stated the suspect, who is also unidentified, was being held at Shickshinny State Police Station in Pennsylvania while he awaited charges.

Car drove through a crowd in Pennsylvania: 1 killed and 17 injured | Suspect, Motive & What happened? Explained
Car drove through a crowd in Pennsylvania: 1 killed and 17 injured | Suspect, Motive & What happened? Explained

No other information was given, and officials stated it was still unknown what caused both occurrences.

To pay tribute to the ten victims of the Nescopeck fire, the group had met.

The shocking occurrence took place next to a fundraiser for a local family who had just lost everything in a fire.

Ten members of the same family, including three children, perished in the fire on August 5; the police are calling it the result of a “complicated criminal investigation.”

According to officials, three persons managed to escape the fire and reach safety.

The bar that sponsored the charity event referred to the events on Saturday as “an awful catastrophe” and announced that it would be closed indefinitely.

Tragedies like this, particularly those of this scale, don’t happen around here, according to Lauren Hess, owner of the Intoxicology Department.

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Call PSP Bloomsburg at 570-387-4261 or PSP Shickshinny at 570-542-4117 if you have any information, including footage from either incident or images.

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