Butler Township shooting Full Report: Mother and Daughter dead after shooting at Butler Twp. house

Following a gunshot that was reported in Butler Township, at least two persons have perished.

Butler Twp. shooting

On Hardwicke Place in Butler Township, a sizable police presence has gathered.

Police have reportedly closed off a section of the roadway, according to our news team on the spot.

Dayton always Now A man who was on the site told reporter Allison Walker that two of his family members had been discovered dead at a home off of Hardwicke Place.

When we tried to reach Butler Township’s call-handling Huber Heights Police Dispatch, they claimed to be very busy and denied to confirm any information.

Several police enforcement agencies arrived in Butler Twp. late on Friday morning in response to a report of a shooting with potential for numerous victims.

Around 11:45 a.m., a shooting was reported in the 7200 block of Hardwicke Place, which is closed between Coppersmith and Hayward avenues.

What happened in Butler Township shooting?

Investigators and first responders from numerous agencies, including Butler Twp. Police and EMS, Vandalia Police, and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, surrounded two homes with yellow crime tape. Just before 2:00 p.m., a mobile command centre from the sheriff’s office arrived.

One of the houses, according to a man who introduced himself as a relative, contained the bodies of his daughter and granddaughter. The unnamed man came from a spot inside the crime scene tape where people had gathered to hear what had transpired.

Almost three hours later, crews were still present.

Huber Heights Police Dispatch reports that about 11:30 a.m., police were summoned to the 7200 block of Hardwicke Place.

Officers discovered two deceased victims in a house on Hardwicke Place, according to a family member who was present at the incident. According to reports, the two victims were a mother and daughter.

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office acknowledged being called to the scene to 2 NEWS.

FIRST REPORT – shooting at Butler Twp. house

According to dispatchers and preliminary reports, several police officers have arrived to a Butler Twp. residence to conduct an investigation after hearing claims of a shooting late on Friday morning.

Around 11:40 a.m., according to Butler Twp. police dispatchers, officers were summoned to a residence on Hardwicke Place. The nature of the probe could not be confirmed by dispatchers to News Center 7.

Butler Township shooting Full Report: Mother and Daughter dead after shooting at Butler Twp. house
Butler Township shooting Full Report: Mother and Daughter dead after shooting at Butler Twp. house

A shooting at the residence was reportedly reported at the same time, according to emergency dispatch traffic. It was unknown whether any victims had been found or what condition they are in. According to emergency scanner chatter, at least one medical unit was called to the location in response to a report of a shooting victim.

There were no more specifics available. As we discover more, we’ll update this story and send a crew to investigate.

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John Porter, the chief of police for Butler Twp., promised to disclose details shortly.

Although a formal press conference has not yet been scheduled, Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck informed the journalists present that Butler Twp. Chief of Police John Porter would provide details in the following couple of hours.

According to the initial reports, several persons were shot, and a car fled the area. The number of victims who may have been shot and their health are unknown.

As new information becomes available, we will update this article. We are striving to learn more.

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