Broadcaster David Elcock died: Cause of death Explained

David Elcock, a seasoned broadcaster, passed away.

How did David Elcock die?

Elcock passed away on Thursday at his New York residence.

Because of his distinctive voice and adaptability, the famed radio announcer was also known as “Big Brother Dave” and the “Dean of Broadcasters.”

He spent a number of years hosting the well-liked “Elcock in the Morning” programme on Radio 610.

In 1990, Elcock was awarded the Silver Hummingbird Medal for Public Service.

David Elcock Cause of death

He was 78 years old and would turn 79 in a month.

Elcock said his father passed away in Brooklyn, New York, at around 1:30 pm on Thursday in a brief phone call with Newsday.

He claimed that although he was unable to provide a cause of death, his father had been ill for some time.

One of the nation’s first broadcast pioneers was David Elcock.

Elcock’s career in radio and television lasted more than 30 years, according to a bio on

David Elcock carrer

He was well-known for hosting the now-defunct Elcock in the Morning programme on National Broadcasting Service (NBS) Radio 610 from the early 1970s until the 1990s. Both local and regional audiences favoured it.

Elcock would conduct interviews with prominent local artists, government figures, sports figures, and visiting performers on the nightly television programme TT Tonight.

Along with his ex-wife Mavis John, he also performed well-known songs like You Are What Love Is.

Dominic Kalipersad, a seasoned journalist, described Elcock as a legend who was passionate, intense, funny, and knowledgeable.

It was a privilege to work with him, he remarked.

“When I worked for Trinidad Broadcasting Company Ltd. following TTT, I could not have imagined becoming the programme director for the guy I had been listening to on the radio during my adolescence.

He was one of the main speakers of Radio Tempo 105.1 FM, which veteran Neil Giuseppi created as the nation’s first all-local music radio station.

Tribute to David Elcock by Giuseppi

Giuseppi also paid tribute to Elcock by posting a piece he had written on the man’s life and accomplishments to his Facebook page.

Elcock, according to him, was born on Duncan Street in Port of Spain on September 20, 1943.

In 1962, as a trainee announcer for 610 Radio (formerly Radio Guardian), he started The David Elcock Show, which aired until 1972.

Elcock was employed by Christiansen and Belgrave in the advertising department as well.

Elcock in the Morning, which he debuted in 1976, “would top all yearly radio surveys for almost 15 years,” according to Giuseppi.

Elcock was also one of his era’s most in-demand MCs, he continued.

Elcock, according to Giuseppi, opened for internationally renowned performers including Stevie Wonder, Barry White, and Dionne Warwick.

When he convinced Elcock to quit 610 Radio and join the staff of Radio Tempo (105.1 FM) in the 1990s while serving as managing director of Trinidad Broadcasting Company, he first met Elcock professionally. Before moving to the US, Elcock served as the host of the New Scouting for Talent.

Elcock works for Radio in the US while being semi-retired.

Goose Eligon on David Elcock’s death

Elcock’s close friend and fellow broadcaster Ian The Goose Eligon stated he lost a good friend and big brother. We lost a TnT broadcast classic today, my wonderful buddy and “big brother” Dave Elcock, he said on Facebook.

He was the spark for many of us that ignited our broadcast careers; in fact, he gave me the moniker “Goose.” All those wild years at 610 radio, boy, I’ll never forget you. He was followed by Mr. Bitter, Leggo Beast, and Granny. Please say hello to Harfie for me. Dave, your big brother, soar high.

David Elcock life

Co-founder of Lynx Technology Partners and its chief diversity officer is David Elcock. David serves as the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals’ Chief Corporate Development Officer.

In highly regulated industries including energy, healthcare, higher education, state and local government, and doing tasks like managing human capital, monetizing information security, and managing/developing capital land usage, David has a track record spanning three generations.

David worked as the Chief Operating Officer for Dot-Org Technologies, Inc., Senior Vice President for Precise Technologies, Inc., Agency Lead with Xerox Corporation, and General Manager for Essendant before joining Lynx Technology Partners (formerly United Stationers).

David Elcock achievements

With The Enterprise Foundation, National Equity Fund, Access One Broadband, One Economy, Mount Hope Housing Company, Morris Heights Healthcare Center, Food for Survival, and World Share, David has held a range of positions from general manager to board member in the non-profit sector.

David has co-developed mixed-use projects worth more than $39.4 million, including 92.8K square feet of ambulatory care, affordable housing with retail space, and more than 2,000 units of low-income residence housing with high-speed broadband services at affordable rates.

These projects have enabled remote learning programmes for GED certificate programmes, financial literacy programmes, and programmes for basic technology education.

Broadcaster David Elcock died: Cause of death Explained
Broadcaster David Elcock died: Cause of death Explained

David, who oversees the Lynx Technology Partners Formalize Social Responsibility Team, is dedicated to fostering diversity both inside Lynx and in the cybersecurity industry.

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