Brandeis student killed: 27 critically injured, What happaned in Brandeis Bus Crash in Waltham? Explained

Brandeis student killed: 27 critically injured, What happaned in Brandeis Bus Crash in Waltham? Explained

Authorities reported that a bus coming from a hockey game in suburban Boston hit a tree, resulting in the death of a college student and the injuries of more than two dozen other passengers as well as the driver. In this article we have shared What happaned in Brandeis Bus Crash? in detail.

What happaned in Brandeis Bus Crash?

Emergency personnel initially referred to the occurrence as a “mass casualty incident,” which resulted in one student’s death and 27 other injuries.

One student was killed and 27 people were hurt on Saturday night while riding a shuttle bus back to Brandeis University from a hockey game at Northeastern University. Although no names have been disclosed, statements from the school and the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office on Sunday morning provided fresh information about the terrible accident.

What did Brandeis University said about bus crash?

“A Brandeis-owned shuttle bus was returning to campus from a trip that included Cambridge and Boston at about 10:45 p.m. on Saturday when an accident happened on South Street in Waltham. We know that 27 people were sent to nearby hospitals by local EMS, the majority of them were Brandeis students. One death has been reported to us, albeit it’s not yet known who it was.”

“Brandeis has informed students, faculty, and staff of the disaster. We are currently offering counselling and assistance to students and will do so for the foreseeable future.”

One student dead

According to the statement, the remaining 26 passengers and the bus driver “received injuries of varied degrees” and were sent to nearby hospitals.

In a statement posted early on Sunday, Brandeis stated that 17 of the injured had been discharged from the hospital and the remaining were admitted.

It is taking time to ascertain everyone’s status, including which passengers are Brandeis students, the statement added. This is due to the quantity of injured people and the many hospitals to which they were transferred.

No one has been charged, and no names have been made public.

Police are requesting any witnesses to the collision to come forward as the investigation into it continues.

According to Brandeis, the university’s counselling centre offers grief counselors.

Investigation about shuttle bus crash in Waltham

“The ongoing investigation into a crash that happened last night in Waltham involving a shuttle bus carrying 27 students from Brandeis University from a hockey game at Northeastern University has been verified by Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Waltham Chief of Police Kevin O’Connell.

“According to the early findings of the investigation, the bus collided with a tree on South Street at around 10:32 p.m. One pupil was identified as deceased on the spot. The bus driver, the other 26 students, and I all had minor to moderate injuries; we were all sent to local hospitals.”

“The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, Waltham Police, the Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to the District Attorney’s Office, and the Massachusetts State Police Incident Reconstruction Section continue to investigate the cause of the crash.”

“At this time, no identities are being disclosed. No complaints have been made. The Waltham Police Department can be reached at (781) 314-3600 if you believe you may have seen this accident or have any additional information.”

Tribute to Brandeis students

Chris Williams said,

God bless all those involved in last night’s terrible accident. Thank you to the first responders who do their difficult job time and time again. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the lost one and injured. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Makes it much harder with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

Sarah Dumanski said,

Prayers for all of them – especially the family and friends of the one lost! Thank you to the first responders

Paul Salvucci said,

Rip to the student that lost his life and prayers to the other students 

Sheldon Weisfeld said,

So sad to hear about the bus accident and even more horrific with the loss of one students life, I support y’all during this tragic time

Phyllis Giller said,

I just read this news in Globe. Thank goodness Emma didn’t attend the game. Sounds like everyone was injured in addition to the one student who died. It’s a developing story. Such a tragedy.

J Murph Yule said,

Just texted Emma before I saw your FB. Thank god Emma and her friends are ok but sure feel for all the kids. Very sad. Mxx

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