Bathroom Week on THE BLOCK: The Block’s Omar and Oz shock everyone by winning Bathroom Week.

On Sunday night’s episode of The Block, Omar and Oz took home main bathroom week during the eagerly awaited room reveals. This year, The Block has six homes, one of which is being built by our presenter Scott Cam.

The block bathroom week

The teams were thrust back into the action for Main Bathroom Week right after the House Decider challenge.

The Blockheads put in a lot of effort to make sure their room was the most impressive because there was a $250,000 reward on the line.

He has enlisted the aid of Sarah Armstrong from The Block Shop as well as former contestants from The Block, Duncan and Spence. According to Scotty, whose house has over 100 years of expertise, things should go swimmingly.

To deliver their first bathroom by the deadline of “tools down,” all the couples are working incredibly hard.

Contestant of bathroom week

First House Tom and Sarah-Jane want to create a vibrant country look. In House No. 2, Rachel and Ryan are aiming for a more modern, refined appearance. In House No. 3, Ankur and Sharon are trying for a sombre appearance. Dylan and Jenny from House No. 4 are also travelling across the nation. While Omar and Oz at House No. 5 think the judges will be impressed by their unique mix of tiles.

Drama at House No. 3 with 15 hours left. Keith and Dan think the tiling done by Ankur and Sharon is a disgrace. There are tears as Sharon loses hope.

Oz wasn’t delighted when Omar spent six hours shopping for a plant.

As they contact their children on Saturday night, Rachel and Ryan seem a little unhappy. They are absent from them. She is devastated.

On The Block for the first time, Scotty declares “tools down,” to the relief of our competitors. On The Block, they somehow completed the first week’s challenging week.

Tom and Sarah-Jane deliver in week one

$22,700 was spent by Tom and Sarah-Jane. The first thing Neale said was WOW. What a debut. For Tom and Sarah-Jane, The Block is a wonderful homecoming. Darren adored the height and rise of the ceiling. The lighting was wonderful. Shaynna considered it to be a useful restroom. Storage was insufficient. Although adequate, their painting may have been better.

Rachel and Ryan’s Bathroom

The judges’ first impression after learning that Rachel and Ryan had spent $33,500 was that the bathroom is enormous. The judges were impressed with how quickly Rachel and Ryan transformed their bathroom. However, they believed it spoke no country at all. It was a public restroom. Darren, though, adored it.

Ankur and Sharon’s Bathroom

Sharon and Ankur spent $34,000: The performance from Ankur and Sharon did not impress the judges. They were upset that such a restroom had been provided without any consideration for the home’s history. It had a highly dramatic vibe. The improper, hefty, and industrial tile was chosen. The nib wall was ineffective. Shaynna actually detested it. Neale thought it was cramped. Not a good beginning.

Dylan and Jenny’s Bathroom is full of heroes

It cost Dylan and Jenny $28,003; Shaynna found it to be very new, roomy, and pleasant. The bath was a favourite. Neale returned from House No. 3 with a smile. The cornices and arches were Darren’s favourites. The execution was flawless. The length of the shower screen was the one thing they didn’t like.

Omar and Oz delivered a stunning Bathroom

$20,749 was spent by Omar and Oz: WOW, repeated Neale. Gorgeous you. The textures were adored. The tile combination should not have worked, yet it did. It has a rural but modern feel. It has a lot of warmth. They adored the way the toilet paper was folded. Oz carried it out at 8:47 a.m. They were extremely taken aback.

Final results of main bathroom week

Tom and Sarah-Jane8 ½8 ½8 ½25 ½
Rachel and Ryan8 ½8723 ½
Ankur and Sharon7 ½6 ½6 ½20 ½
Dylan and Jenny98 ½825 ½
Omar and Oz98926

Winners of The Block’s main bathroom week

Omar and Oz are the winners, which is a surprising outcome. Ford gave them $10,000, while Winning Appliances gave them a $250,000 kitchen renovation.

Omar and Oz won the main bathroom week on Sunday night’s episode of The Block during the anxiously anticipated room reveals.

The best friends from Western Sydney thoroughly wowed the judges despite having little prior building and design knowledge.

Despite just investing (dollar) 20,749 in their makeover, the pair took first place with a final score of 26 out of 30 despite their low cost.

Bathroom Week on THE BLOCK: The Block's Omar and Oz shock everyone by winning Bathroom Week.
Bathroom Week on THE BLOCK: The Block’s Omar and Oz shock everyone by winning Bathroom Week.

Omar and Oz being here is beyond my comprehension.

The lads’ perfect makeover was characterised by Judge Shaynna Blaze as “traditional and contemporary.”

Anything that will make me mad. Shaynna replied, “It’s doing this to that lovely house we toured through.

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Neale continued, “It’s brassy and glossy and something about it doesn’t feel true.”

Sharon sobs because she feels like she made a huge mistake and is already having trouble.

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