Athena Strand died: What happened to her? Who is kidnapper Tanner Lynn Horner? and Her missing case Explained

Athena Strand died: What happened to her? Who is kidnapper Tanner Lynn Horner? and Her missing case Explained

Police issued an AMBER Alert and searched for the missing Wise County girl for almost two days. On Wednesday night, the first report of her missing was made. In this article we will see in detail about what happened to Athena Strand? and What was her cause of death?.

What happened to Athena Strand?

In Friday evening, Wise County detectives offered a significant update on the Athena Strand case.

Breaking: We were talking to neighbors on CR 4599, roughly 7 mi away from Athena Strand’s Paradise home. Suddenly, we were approached by Wise Co. Sheriff’s deputies & told to move back immediately. We saw law enforcement gathering near a deep ditch on the side of the road.

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Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin revealed at a press conference in Cottondale that the body of the missing 7-year-old was discovered dead on Friday night southeast of Boyd.

Wise claimed that a FedEx contract driver had kidnapped the girl.

Less than 10 miles from Athena’s house, on Friday night, police had blocked off a section of County Road 4599; however, they vacated the scene and reopened the road a few hours later.

When WFAA contacted Akin shortly after, he was asked whether anyone had been detained as part of the 7-year-old Athena’s disappearance investigation and whether it was connected to that road closure. Akin declined to comment.

Who is suspect Tanner Lynn Horner?

Athena Strand, 7, has been found dead, according to Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin, who revealed this at a press conference on Friday evening. A suspect has been taken into custody.

According to Akin, Tanner Lynn Horner, 31, admitted to police that he kidnapped and killed Athena on Wednesday afternoon. Athena’s family house was where Horner, a contract FedEx truck driver, was allegedly taken while delivering a delivery.

Amber alert for Athena Strand

Akin made no mention of the local situation or of any discoveries that would have been relevant to the probe.

Athena has been gone for the past two days, and Wise County deputies are still looking for her.

Strand was listed as “endangered” in an AMBER Alert that was released Thursday afternoon. It stated that she was last seen wearing a gray/black long-sleeve shirt, blue trousers with flowers on the front pockets, and brown boots.

Akin stated earlier on Friday that Athena’s stepmother initially contacted police on Wednesday at around 6:40 p.m. after finding her wasn’t in her room at the home her father owns.

Currently, police do not believe that foul play has occurred. However, they do note that it hasn’t been completely disregarded.

Athena first stepped off her school bus at her father’s house at around 4:15 on Wednesday, according to the police. When Athena vanished, her father wasn’t at home because he was off for a deer shooting expedition.

What did Athena’s stepmother said?

Akin claimed that Athena’s stepmother informed authorities that the quarrel she and Strand had at one point wasn’t atypical for their relationship.

According to authorities, the stepmother tried to find Athena in her room when she found she wasn’t home when she went to prepare supper.

The stepmother spent an hour looking for Athena before calling 911, which started a police search along with EMS and volunteer firefighters. Wednesday night, infrared imaging from the air and search dogs were both deployed, but only wildlife was found.

At around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, the search was suspended. A few hours later, it was resumed with the assistance of about 200 community members who combed the area. However, neither Athena nor any supporting evidence were discovered. Since the search started, about 50 acres have been thoroughly searched.

Investigation about her missing case

According to Akin, the probe has also included interviews with local registered sex offenders.

The scent of the residence was occasionally detected by search dogs, but nothing was discovered outside of the boundary.

The search and investigation are also being assisted by the FBI, Texas DPS, U.S. Marshals, and Texas Rangers, with the FBI employing digital tools to look at things like cell phone data and social media posts.

A significant police presence has gathered along a section of County Road 4599, less than 10 miles from the house of missing 7-year-old Athena Strand of Wise County, as the hunt for her enters its second day.

Although the reason for the police’s presence here is now unknown, it was evident from the scene that they appeared to be looking into a ditch by the side of the road that they had blocked off to through traffic with police tape.

The father and stepmother, according to the police, are helping them with their inquiry. They are behaving “appropriately,” according to Akin.

What did Athena’s mother Maitlyn Gandy said?

However, Athena’s mother Maitlyn Gandy and her sister Keeland Kulbeth, who is also Athena’s aunt, claimed that something doesn’t seem right at the moment and that Athena wouldn’t just disappear.

They claimed that Athena had strayed off before, but it had never been a severe incident because she was always soon located. They claimed that she had also visited her rural neighbours’ homes.

According to what she had been taught, Athena might have been angry with her father for leaving to go hunting, according to Kulbeth.

Athena did not run away, in our opinion, Kulbeth said. “She may have been kidnapped, but we are unsure. Simply keep a look out for her and bring her back to us, please.”

Athena was characterised by Kulbeth as a very kind and sociable young girl who adores both people and flowers.

Kulbeth described her as “a girly-girl.” “I just don’t see her escaping,”

In addition to seeing a Christmas parade this weekend in Comanche, Oklahoma, Kulbeth said she and Athena frequently ride horses together.

Kulbeth stated, “We take her to the movies, and we’re eager for her to come home. “I simply want her to be safe and in a place where I can see her in person. I would not want anyone to be in this situation right now, so I am scared and hoping that we can find her.”

Tribute to Athena Strand

Tasha Doucet said,

Omg. I just knew this was going to be the outcome. But I’m soo confused. Why would someone who does this as a job, just decides to kidnap and kill a child?? It just doesn’t make sense.

Emily Wallander said,

Absolutely devastating  When the search moved to an investigation, my stomach went in knots… once they announced they had a huge update this evening… I lost it

Jennifer Lee DuShane said,

Very heartbreaking and a scary thought that this was a fed ex driver. I really hope he gets what he deserves and so much more.

Meagan Cariaso said,

Laying in bed holding my 7 year old baby girl hand I feel soheartbroken for this baby and her family.

Chrystal Ann Glenn said,

that’s not good enough. He deserves to have the same fate multiplied. He deserves to relive the same situation over and over again with himself and the victim. D*ath isn’t good enough.

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